All testimonials are freely offered. Some clients are dying to talk about their book while others insist on complete confidentiality—especially when it’s just for the family. Everything that I discuss with a client, as well as all that’s printed, included and removed from all drafts, is just between you and me. I’ll spread it to the winds or take it to my grave—it’s entirely up to you. And by the way, you own the rights to every word I write for you.


One of my fondest testimonials dates from December 2000. Dr. Bikul Das had shown up on my doorstep with a couple of folders of lab notes, and we spent two weeks deciphering them together. This book is what we turned them into.

Dear Stephen,
It was a great experience to work with you.
I can see your creative editorial skill in every page of this book. Thank you, thank you & thank you so much. I look forward to working with you in the future — both of us still very young & we have many books to write together!
—Dr. Bikul Das
Author: The Science Behind Squaline


Three books in one volume, and a tale of three generations as the Lawrence family settles Western Canada in the mid-nineteenth century, faces hardship and prospers. This is a large-format coffee-table book, filled with images and anecdotes evoking their times. The third and final voice is Michael Lawrence, first chairman of the Canadian Auto Auction Group and a Canadian auctioneering legend.

Stephen: Fifteen years have passed in bringing this book to reality. It would not have been accomplished without your immense contribution. Thank You!
—Michael Lawrence
Nov 11, 2015


I like making complicated things easy to understand.

In 1998 I had the honor of working with Dr. Jimmy Gutman, world expert on glutathione, helping educate people on its role in health and sickness. This series of books distills more than a thousand multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed studies on the subject to present a broad compendium of the subject. I would revisit this project four more times over twenty years as we published a 5th Edition, revised, updated and expanded to four times its original size, with 34 Chapters, 2064 peer-review studies and 102 figures & tables.

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Stephen Schettini on educational publications since 1998. He’s served as editor, illustrator and co-author on numerous books published with a sum total of over 250,000 copies. None of this success would have been possible without his talent and creative input.
——Jimmy Gutman MD
Author: The Ultimate Guide to GSH, Your Body’s Most Powerful Healing Agent, Your Key to Health, The Comprehensive Guide to Glutathione


I enjoyed this job so much, I  married the client!

Back in 2000 I’d never written a blog post, let alone a novel, but I was determined to get an important message out to families struggling with the emotional impact of chronic illness. Stephen, you made my dream a reality. I trusted your approach and eye for detail so that I could focus on my story. You did everything else, from editing to design to printing. Thanks for helping me make a real difference!
—Caroline Courey
Author, Life Coach, MS Warrior